Does Spending More On The IRS Mean More Taxes Will Be Collected?

Every dollar the federal government spends is expected to get a return. The feds are more intelligent than we think. The feds are trying to add $80 billion to the IRS, claiming to bring in more revenue.

Instead of coming from a financial point of view from the get-go, let’s talk about why the IRS would need more money.

The infrastructure bill would pave the way for the citizenship of hundreds of thousands of illegal immigrants that have flooded the United States southern border unchecked by President Joe Biden and Vice President Kamala Harris. The influx of new citizens would require more staff to process a large amount of the new workforce.

In 2017, according to NPR, the IRS apologized for aggressively targeting conservative groups and financially discriminated businesses. With the new mindset that Republicans are domestic terrorists, that behavior would likely ramp up with the IRS targeting groups and companies they believe are conservative based.

The vaccine mandates could be another likely reason for more money being shoveled into the IRS. It’s no secret that the federal government likes to be sneaky, and the IRS will follow whatever the Democrats want to do, so putting new restrictions and fines on businesses who have unvaccinated employees is likely going to be a new phase. Of the “pandemic of the unvaccinated.” Even though the White House isn’t mandating their staff get the vaccination, we’ve all witnessed the federal government’s hypocrisy, and it would be a surprise.

Biden knows that the 2020 pandemic has raised small business owners nationwide, and the IRS will have to catch up. Businesses can struggle with taxes initially while everything is new and fun, but the IRS should never be used as an attack mechanism against anyone. Biden wants to destroy the middle class, and it’s evident in the way he’s handled the eviction moratorium. Going against the law to give low-class citizens a leg up on the middle class while sending out more extensive unemployment checks than many people’s wages was a complete underscore of the middle class. You can’t look at it logically and think anything different.

The Congressional Budget Office said that of the $80 billion, $60 billion would go toward enforcement. The more complicated tax laws become, the harder it is to follow along. That’s not a shot at anyone in particular, but it’s just factual. It’s not like the IRS has classes that you can take to learn. They seem to enjoy that people are clueless.

Biden has already said that nobody making under $400,000 would pay more in taxes, which has to be a lie. Who’s going to pay for all of the new spendings? Every citizen.