Dollar Tree To Raise Prices To More Than $1 For Certain Items Under Biden Administration

Inflation is coming, and it’s already hit some retailers. If it hasn’t hit yet, keep an eye out, and you’ll see. It starts with the simpler items such as canned foods because the price margin isn’t very high and then makes its way to the higher priced items that have some flexibility in pricing that the manufacturer and retailer can’t ignore. Gas prices were the first clear sign, but that probably had more to do with oil imports that President Joe Biden put in place than anything else because it hit early.

Canned food prices have almost doubled in stores from just over $.50 to around $1, and other items are also rising.

The Dollar Tree has announced that its prices will go up on some items in their store, making it the “Just over a Dollar Tree.” Not really, but it would be more accurate.

Dollar Tree can have lower prices because most of the items they sell are made in China and similar places where labor laws allow them to pay meager wages and even force children to work. That makes them so competitive, but their low-quality items make them unique in their fashion. Not a unique sound.

Some items that they sell benefit everybody because they sell drinks, hygiene products, and party supplies that can work in a pinch and be of low cost to the consumer. The price rise will affect the working class and low-income people who have relied on Dollar Tree for their shop items. So much for advocating for the low-class American, Biden.

It is what Democrat policies do. They undercut the capitalist economy by raising taxes on high-income citizens and ultimately paying consumers the cost. It is just a tiny and early example of what Biden’s tax plan looks like to Americans who need help the most.

To give an example of wasteful spending, the Smithsonian museum’s 2020 annual federal budget was $1.047 billion.

That’s just one museum, and while it’s arguably the biggest, some consideration needs to be made when Americans can’t afford to live their lives, much less visit the Smithsonian Museum. Massive spending needs to be cut until the United States can get its act together and stop proposing $3.5 trillion spending bills and raising the debt ceiling.

Dollar Tree said that rising costs are due to higher shipping rates, and with the cargo ship crisis that the United States is facing, the costs could skyrocket because of a supply and demand problem. If he wants to proclaim himself the new President of the United States, Biden faces a major challenge. Americans are just going to continue to scream “F*** Joe Biden from stadiums across the country if he can’t get his act together.