Don Jr. Just Figured Out Why Old Joe Is Always Eating Ice Cream, And It Makes PERFECT Sense

Any parent knows that positive reinforcement can work just as well as negative reinforcement. If a child behaves, they get special privileges. If they don’t, they call them taken away. In the modern-day, it works best with cell phones, but when you’re dealing with toddlers, there are other tricks that parents use, like ice cream.

So, why does President Joe Biden get ice cream so much, and why is he so proud to announce his flavor of choice on the news? Did Joe Biden deserve to earn all his stars on his “good boy” chart and win a prize to flaunt to the press and the vastly disappointing public he is speaking to?

Donald Trump Jr. noted that Biden’s mental capabilities weren’t what they once were, and we’ve seen that for years, maybe even when he was vice president for Barack Obama. According to Federal Election Campaign records, our beloved dictator, Joe Biden, over $10,000 was spent on ice cream. As noted above, rewards come in all shapes and forms.

According to the Alzheimer’s Association, ice cream can be better than Prozac for dementia patients, and $11,000 is a lot of money to spend on the tasty treat.

In an Instagram post, Donald Trump Jr. said that it’s all coming together, and though it’s only been seven months, Biden has done more photo ops in ice cream shops than any other president. The senile older man couldn’t keep it together, even in the ice cream shop lines. At one shop, he even had to use his note cards to answer a question about cyberattacks. Does anything seem off yet? Even if he didn’t know the answer, he could have said, “I’ll be speaking on that in more detail soon,” or something to that effect. But no, he had to use note cards like he’s studying for a spelling bee and embarrass the entire country.

And you should be embarrassed. It is your President. He said, “I’ll be in better shape to talk to you about it, hang on a second,” and got out his notecard to answer the question. For God’s sake, can we please invoke the 25th amendment? Even if that was months ago, it still reigns true today that Biden cannot be the President of the United States.

Under no circumstance should Jill Biden have let him run for President. You have a man up there that can’t comprehend current topics, and he’s addressing the nation. Don’t you think that his emotional capacity will be affected? Don’t you think he could say some off-the-wall things that could get him in trouble? Not fake problems like answering questions without permission, but serious world wars like trouble.

It has gotten out of control. And with Biden’s decision to use OSHA to make every employer with over 100 employees get the Covid-19 vaccine or submit to weekly testing, we’ve got problems at the top. Serious problems.