Caught Doing The Unimaginable: Don Lemon This Weekend – Wait Until You See Where!

When Democrats want to go on vacation, they go to Florida. There’s no doubt that the freedom that they get in the sunshine state gives them a sense of normalcy.

Don Lemon, CNN’s poster boy, was seen in Florida following the law, policy, and governor’s order when visiting, but was he following his own words? No.

Lemon and his fiancé Tim Malone were seen at a hotel in Florida maskless in public. It wouldn’t be a problem had Lemon not blasted Florida for the last several months.

In August, Lemon said, “Some Governors are putting their political gain ahead of children’s lives, really their constituents’ lives.” Lemon was talking about Texas Governor Greg Abbott and Florida Governor Ron DeSantis. Both have been against mask and vaccine mandates for quite some time. Lemon noted that Abbott issued an executive order to ban masks in schools and then tested positive for Covid-19 after attending a large gathering.

“And then there’s Ron DeSantis. You can always count on him to try and turn a deadly disease into an applause line.” Then he called DeSantis’ comments “Bullshit.”

It’s funny how the tides turn, and Lemon brutally traveled to Florida’s “murder” state, where bodies are lined up on the streets. Not to miss the pronouns but, what a brave man.

The left has almost all agreed that mask and vaccine mandates are necessary for society to continue and the world to be saved. The beauty in Lemon going to Florida is that it places him in the hypocritical category that many other leftists have been placed in, and nobody should take him seriously anymore.

If Lemon had gone to Florida and followed all of the mandates that he praises, then there wouldn’t be anything to worry about. But, you can tell by his actions that he doesn’t believe in the “science” that he preaches, only the laws, governors’ orders, and policies that are in place at the time.

Lemon mocked DeSantis on “freedom” as well. He said that DeSantis is “pushing the same old misguided bad faith view of freedom.” When Lemon said freedom, he did an air quote. After being confronted by another guest, the video of Lemon leaving the pool area cuts off just shy of him entering the building. Still, neither Lemon nor his fiancé had masks in their hands and did not attempt to place them on their faces when they were nearing the door.

There’s nothing the left won’t become hypocritical over. Their beliefs seem to focus on convenience as they defy mandates and ignore policies in cities and states. We should all take after them and continue ignoring the mandates, policies, and governors’ orders and go back to everyday life because it’s clear that Covid-19 only spreads in Conservatives. It leaves leftists alone.