Dr. Fauci Is $5 Million Richer Now Than Before The Pandemic

As many Americans struggled to make ends meet during the pandemic, Dr. Anthony Fauci and his wife saw their wealth increase by more than $5 million from $7.5 million in 2019 to $12.6 million at the end of 2021.

The nonprofit “OpenTheBooks” received Fauci’s financials from FY2021 and saw that his personal wealth had almost doubled since he became the face of the pandemic in America. The financial report can be found here.

Looking deeper into the numbers, Sen. Roger Marshall’s (R.-KS) forcing open of Fauci’s unredacted financial disclosures shows why Fauci was so intent on keeping those files private. The following is a video from Marshall asking Fauci to disclose his financials and ending with Fauci getting so upset he calls Marshall a “moron.”

According to OpenTheBooks, Fauci was the highest compensated federal employee in both 2021 and 2022 with a $456,000 and $480,000 salary from the government during those two years.

Fauci augmented his governmental salary with close to $1 million in prizes from nonprofits across the world each year and an additional $900,000 in investment gains.

CEO of OpenTheBooks, Adam Andrzejewski, told Fox News, “While Dr. Fauci has been a government bureaucrat for more than 55 years, his household net worth skyrocketed during the pandemic. Fauci’s soaring net worth was based on career-end salary spiking, lucrative cash prizes awarded by non-profit organizations around the world and an ever-larger investment portfolio.”

The money made by Fauci in the midst of a pandemic that caused financial issues for the majority of Americans is one thing, but to hide that financial gain is something else entirely. Public officials owe it to the public to be transparent so that they can make informed decisions, and it is clear that Fauci did not do this.

“We filed four federal lawsuits to follow the money, and documents are starting to be produced,” Andrzejewski said. “Public health guidance during the pandemic has drastically impacted the lives of every citizen, and Dr. Fauci has been its most visible face. It’s critical to know whether any decision-making is tied up in the financial interests of public leaders, whether they’ve made any ethics disclosures to the government, and how they invested.”

Neither Fauci nor his team has replied to the allegations.