Dr. Fauci ‘Rants’ About Disinformation As The CNN Chyron Says Joe Rogan Took A ‘Livestock Drug’

Joe Rogan, the man, the myth, and a podcaster, has proven to be a wealth of bi-partisan, relevant, and reliable information about many topics in politics, space, the military, medical information, theology, and psychedelics and the effects of different substances on the body. Rogan is undoubtedly in tune with his health and well-being and encourages others to be as well.

Without speaking for him, Rogan hasn’t been precisely skeptical about the Covid-19 data or the Covid-19 vaccination data. Rogan, like many Americans, has raised some specific questions about the factual nature of the media reports that go along with data the Center for Disease Control distributes. The biggest question Rogan has raised is why haven’t the major news networks and politicians encouraged Americans to get healthy. That’s an entirely valid concern and a concern many other Americans have had as well.

Rogan is highly disciplined in his training, methodology of podcasting, and physical fitness. His lifestyle demands that he have a particular health expectation that is required. Plenty of motivational videos that YouTube users have put together will explain your need for Rogan’s lifestyle.

Dr. Anthony Fauci and other media outlets and politicians have said that the biggest hurdle in Covid-19 is misinformation. That’s simply untrue. Misinformation is only labeled as “misinformation” until it’s proven to be true. Look at the Wuhan lab leak theory. Until mid-2021, it was marked as a “conspiracy theory” even by Fauci, who knew that it was a possibility early in 2020.

The other fact is that the long-term effects of the Covid-19 vaccine aren’t available. The vaccine has been known for less than a year and isn’t approved by the FDA yet. Though Pfizer’s vaccine is available and authorized overseas, it’s not available in the United States yet.

Politicians across the country have defied the orders that they expect the public to embrace. Each time this happens, their claims lose validity. What makes it worse is that Facebook and the White House teamed up to flag misinformation on the social media platform.

The Democrat party is actively weakening the minds of Americans. A weak reason is dangerous. If you don’t think for yourself, then you’ll believe anything. While you can’t discredit everything, if you don’t have a broad spectrum of information, you can’t come to an educated opinion on a specific topic.

Rogan isn’t a Democrat or a Republican, and he’s somewhere in between. Rogan isn’t a Trump supporter, but he’s also not a Biden supporter. Rogan thinks for himself and doesn’t let anyone cloud his mind with nonsense.

A tweet from Jim Acosta has been circulating where he interviews Fauci about misinformation, but it’s nothing new from what Fauci has already said. It’s an echo of the Democrat party. Nobody should be surprised.

Rogan likes to take information from various sources and conclude for himself, and he’s free to do so. He’s been very neutral overall. To go after Rogan for his personal belief is ridiculous and irresponsible.

The narrative is Covid-19 or nothing. The Covid-19 vaccine is profitable, and that’s why it’s the only option. Big Pharma knows that if another form of safe, effective treatment of Covid-19, they won’t make money from a vaccine, and the government knows it too. Biden’s chief of staff, Rob Klain, used to be a lobbyist, and if you don’t think that Klain’s former lobbyist experience hasn’t driven the Covid-19 vaccination push, you’re not paying attention.