Elizabeth Warren Is Sick Of ‘Billionaires Taking Joyrides To Space’ When They Might Be Funding Wealthy Democrats Like Her

Elizabeth Warren, who knows nothing about space travel, wants billionaires to stop going to space. She feels it’s incredible that civilians have the capability, and it should be admired, but Warren thinks taxing them more would solve our issues.

Jeff Bezos took William Shatner to space, and they made it back safely. It wouldn’t be possible if Bezos were taxed 60%, 70%, or 80%. Equally and more importantly, if Elon Musk were taxed at a higher rate, SpaceX wouldn’t even exist. Musk is making incredible innovations in the electric vehicle realm, but Warren wants to make sure that doesn’t happen anymore. Innovation should be a government-run institution, according to her assessment.

The political theater should be toned down for a moment while America watches Shatner go into space. Remember when shuttles would take off, and America would be on the edge of their seat and watch in amazement, but now the only way to get Democrat attention is to blame former President Donald Trump for something new.

Democrat policies will destroy this new field of technological advances when tax rates and government programs kill the business. The new idea that tax rates should be higher when you make more money isn’t sustainable and will ensure that the government will own the means of production. Does that sound familiar? It’s socialism. They were wrapped up in trillions of dollars of infrastructure and nonsensical measures to keep Americans down.

Warren seems like she’s jealous of the accomplishment. She wants more money spent on childcare, clean energy, and affordable housing, but Warren fails to realize that Musk and Bezos can help in that area as they’ve already been doing.

Biden didn’t mention Musk’s all civilian spacecraft that returned safely, and Warren is upset that Bezos took Shatner to space. There’s a parallel that’s going on that keeps pushing people further into the downfall of America.