Elizabeth Warren Mocked After Indigenous Peoples’ Day Tweet

Sen. Elizabeth Warren (D-MA) appears to have no bounds for her willingness to be mocked for her misappropriation of a false Native American heritage to gain material career advantages. Even though it has been a while since most Americans discussed her fraudulent claims of “American Indian” heritage, she brought the scandal right back to the surface on Monday.

Warren apparently could not resist making a post on Twitter to virtue signal how she celebrates Indigenous Peoples’ Day on the second Monday of October rather than Christopher Columbus Day, which has been a federal holiday since 1971.

Warren wrote in her post that on Indigenous Peoples’ Day, “we celebrate the remarkable contributions, cultures, & resilience of tribal nations & Native communities. And we recognize that the federal government must honor its promises to Native peoples & respect Tribal sovereignty & self-determination.”

Twitter users immediately hammered the Massachusetts Democrat over her infamous attempts to justify her appropriation of a Native American background years ago.

When she taught at Harvard Law School, she listed herself as a minority faculty member in the Association of American Law Schools directory. She also allowed herself to be described as the “first woman of color” to be a member of the Harvard Law School faculty in a 1997 Fordham Law Review article.

When she finally relented to submit to a DNA test to prove her Native American ancestry, the results came back showing that she had at most a 1/1024 indigenous genetic makeup.

Warren had to apologize to Native Americans after the results came back. She finally admitted: “I am not a tribal citizen. Tribes and only tribes determine tribal citizenship.”

Podcast host Gerry Callahan responded to Warren that her actual record of “honoring” Native Americans includes “stealing jobs, money, and opportunities from them.” He said that Monday is one day out of the year that she should hide her “pale face in shame.”