Eric Adams Says NYC Must ‘Go After The Guns’ After Weekend Of Violence

The New York City Mayoral candidate Eric Adams condemned the shootings on the streets of New York City in Queens on Saturday, calling out the democrats to go for the guns. With the rising rate of the gang and gun violence in New York City, the Biden administration took the initiative to ban guns with the potential to shoot more than 20 people in one round. Eric focuses on banning handguns as the most commonly used weapon in street violence.

The shooting on Saturday was allegedly gang-based, and ten people were reported injured, out of which only 3 were the actual target, and the rest were just bystanders. Eric pointed out that most of these violent acts involve gangs, guns, masks, etc., and innocent community members get injured in these incidents.

The city recorded 771 shootings with 938 victims from January to July 31 last year, and this year the number has risen to 898 shootings and 1,056 victims. With the gruesome increase in street violence in New York City alone, Eric has criticized the Democratic Governor Andrew Cuomo for his delayed action on gun violence, asking him what took so long. These cases have been reported for years now, and the government waits till the last moment to take any action.

After the George Floyd incident, the NYPD’s crime unit officers have reassigned duties in other departments across all 77 precincts as they were recorded to have been involved in the city’s most notorious shootings. This action has also contributed to the rise in these violent incidents. The Republican Mayoral Candidate against Eric, Curtis Sliwa, has urged the city to reenact the stop and frisk actions by the police after the recent shooting in Queens as the only way to contain the future incidences of violence and safeguard the city’s law and order. Though it runs counter to the Democrats’ intentions, eliminating the NYPD’s plainclothes officers’ gun violence prevention team is not the solution to the current gun violence crisis.