Even CNN Panel Denounces Left’s Racist Attacks On Haley

It did not take race-obsessed leftists in the media long to begin portraying 2024 GOP presidential candidate Nikki Haley — the first high-profile woman of color to seek the Republican nomination — as a de facto White supremacist.

As New York Times columnist Wajahat Ali claimed during an MSNBC panel discussion shortly after Haley announced her White House bid: “She uses her brown skin as a weapon against poor Black folks and poor brown folks, and she uses her brown skin to launder White supremacist talking points.”

He went on to claim that the Republican Party is so inherently racist that it could never truly accept someone like the former South Carolina governor.

“The reason I feel sad is because no matter what she does, it will never be enough,” Ali theorized. “They’ll never love her.”

The accusation was too much even for CNN host Jake Tapper, who played a clip of Ali’s statement before lamenting the state of political discourse.

Democratic strategist Paul Begala was a guest during the segment and acknowledged that Haley’s rise to the governorship “is a very impressive accomplishment” for a minority Republican, adding: “I don’t think it’s something people should be ridiculing her about. I think it’s a terrible thing to say about her.”

Ali’s diatribe was just the latest evidence of racially tinged criticism from the left against Haley and other non-White Republican figures.

Last year, “The View” co-host Sunny Hostin falsely asserted that Haley uses a different name in order to separate herself from her Indian heritage.

When co-host Sara Haines pointed out that Hostin actually does go by a different name, Hostin claimed that Americans are too stupid to pronounce the name she was given at birth.

“That’s because most Americans can’t pronounce Asuncion because of the undereducation in our culture,” she shot back.

Tapper referenced “some people on the left noting that Nikki is not her original first name,” pointing out that it is her middle name.

“It’s not true,” he concluded. “And these are the same people who objected to whenever Republicans would say ‘Barack Hussein Obama.’ I mean, there is a very ugly side of the left that comes out when Nikki Haley runs for office.”