Every Republican Minus One Voted Against Pelosi’s New Bill To Suspend The Debt Ceiling

Representative Adam Kinzinger (R-IL) was the only Republican to vote yes to suspend the debt ceiling. The votes would have been 218 to 213 if Kinzinger had voted no, which may have saved him some face. The actual count was 219 to 213, with two Democrats voting no.

Following Chuck Schumer’s (D-NY) call for a vote on funding the government through December 3, 2021, including disaster relief and aid for Afghan refugees.

Republicans are steadfast in their refusal to raise the debt ceiling, while Democrats attempt to ram through trillions of dollars in spending through the infrastructure plan.

Two key Democrats aren’t supportive of the bill and have voiced their opinion saying they intend to vote no on the infrastructure bill.

Suspending the debt ceiling bill will likely not pass the Senate because Republicans have already said they won’t raise the debt limit and suspend the debt ceiling.

It would allow the United States to pay for pre-existing debt instead of increasing debt. That would mean that in approximately one year, they would have to vote on it again. Democrats have upset Republicans that they aren’t going to play ball and seem to be in a tough spot.

October 18, 2021, is the expected date the United States will default on its debt, which means we wouldn’t be able to pay it. That’s a problem and a solution tied into one. Though it would likely hurt the individual citizen, the Republicans might have a bargaining advantage with the infrastructure bill.

Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi doesn’t want the U.S. to lose full faith and credibility and said that the Democrats are “for the people.” Where did she get a silly idea like that? The Democrats are for the minority groups of people. That’s not to say a minority in a specific race, but a minority in social status. The Democrats love to pander to the few with the loudest voice because it makes them feel virtuous but hurts average Americans.

Pelosi also noted that the Democrats have an oath to the Constitution, but she’s pushing an infrastructure bill that would violate the 4th amendment. It would force vehicle manufacturers to put alcohol detection devices in new cars, which require consent or a search warrant for blood alcohol level.

Democrats haven’t been keen on the Constitution lately, and President Joe Biden has even gone against the Supreme Court and entertained the idea of international oversight on the second amendment. That’s not Constitutional thinking. Biden could very well see himself starting a Civil War if he opened up a box that can’t be closed with the second amendment. Australia is being overrun by their government and forced into quarantine camps because they don’t have a second amendment right. Otherwise, the government wouldn’t do that. A free society is one in which the government fears the people; an oppressive society is one in which the government fears the people.

When it comes to increasing debt, Republicans blame Democrats, and Democrats blame Republicans. We, as a country, have to find a way to stop increasing debt and start paying it off. Millions of wasteful spending are thrown away every year, and politicians don’t seem to care.