Extremist Group Vows To Be A Kinder, Gentler Nuisance

Climate extremists Extinction Rebellion (ER) declared their New Year’s resolution is to be a less disruptive force in UK society in 2023. The mainly British group prided itself in impeding transportation routes, destroying private property, and attacking treasured works of art.

Their disruptions have included blocking traffic in downtown London, encircling oil refineries, destroying windows at an international banking headquarters, and smearing fake blood on the finance ministry building.

All with the goal of convincing elites to dump modern energy sources while making the lives of the working class miserable.

But now, ER said in a statement that it pledged to “temporarily shift away from public disruption as a primary tactic.”

The supposedly decentralized group sprouted up in 2018 in the UK and has spread its reach into other countries. Predictably, it had no love for Western society.

ER claimed that “Europe stole its wealth through its imperialism, colonialism, and slavery.” Its website also asserted that “reparation is needed.”

Nor does it have affection for the traditional family structure that underpins the West. The extremists denounce “patriarchy’s domination and control of women and the Earth” along with “heterosexism that condemns the beauty of diverse love.”

The military and oil industry are also targets of its hatred.

Members of the group who apparently have much time on their hands caused frustration for daily commuters over the past few years. They were moderately successful in shutting down vast swaths of London traffic in several protests that drew the anger of the working class.

Clearly ER has no love for the plight of ordinary folks. At one point they took aim at London’s electric transit network. This sparked derision by those who noted the extremists ground a climate-friendly transportation system to a halt.

Unfortunately, other radical groups have not taken a similar pledge.

Just Stop Oil issued a statement condemning the new stance of their brethren. The group said: “It’s 2023, and (ER) has quit.” They, however, pledged to fight the good fight to disrupt people’s lives for an unpopular cause.

The radicals stated that they “must move from disobedience into civil resistance” and that “there is now a need to face reality.”

ER’s tactics were annoying and drew few to their cause. However, in turning their focus to their commitment to end “the fossil fuel era by 2025,” they threaten to do much more damage to the lives of hard-working civilians than by throwing condiments on artworks or lying in traffic.