Fact-Checkers Ignore Biden’s Claims At Least Until The Midterm Is Over

The Jan. 6 Capitol Riot was a stain on the cause of fighting corruption in the United States government. It wasn’t championed by most of the right or the left but condemned when it should have been. That doesn’t mean that anyone should have straight up lied about it, but they did.

Shortly after the riot, the media and the Democrat party pushed an untrue narrative riddled with calls to remove politicians and ban speech.

News outlets pushed the theory that Officer Brian Sicknick was beaten to death by rioters and they were all supposedly on the right side of the political aisle. Still, it’s tough to tell when there’s no formal investigation release.

Sicknick lost his life on January 7, 2021, from natural causes, which turned out to be two strokes. After the riot, four other officers took their lives.

The most significant part of this is the way Democrats have handled it. Just like Black Americans who lose their lives in police encounters, Democrats have pushed the death of Sicknick for their political gain.

The blame has also been placed on the Republican party as a whole. Even Senator Ted Cruz (R-TX) and Josh Hawley (R-MO) have been accused of “aiding and abetting” the “murders” of police officers.

Fact-checkers have been deathly silent with these claims and have quite literally “aided and abetted” the lies of the Democrat party for some time. It’s always good to have major news platforms in the president’s back pocket.

The most recent occasion of Biden’s lies happened on Ash Wednesday, where Biden said, “Once again, we are not flawless. We’re not even close, but we’ve never given up. And Vladimir Putin planned to divide the United States. How would you react if you witnessed masses storming and breaking down the doors of the British Parliament, killing five cops and injuring 145 more or the German Bundestag or the Italian Parliament? I believe you’d be curious. That’s what the rest of the world saw, at least. That is not who we are. And now, under duress, we’re proving that we’re not that country. We are one.”

It’s better to be divided by truth than united in a lie.

Truth overcomes all things and it will overcome this disaster of an administration running the White House.

People would care about the British Parliament just as much as any other country. American citizens have no say in Britain’s government and can enact no change whatsoever. You also have to consider the reason. If Britain began to place their citizens in concentration camps and execute them and their citizens stormed the British Parliament, wouldn’t they be cheered on? They should be.

The reason for these lies is that the 2022 midterm election is coming up. Though the Democrats have done enough to mess up their chances of getting re-election outside of the Jan. 6 Capitol Riot, they have to hold on to it so that everyone stays mad at Republicans. That’s the way forward. The “Big Lie” is turning into the Democrat party. They lied to you about COVID-19, COVID-19 vaccines, the Jan. 6 Capitol Riot, the southern border, the withdrawal from Afghanistan, Fauci’s emails, Hunter Biden and many other relevant topics that matter in all of our lives.