Flores: Bidens Think ‘Tacos and Latin Music’ Will Win Hispanic Votes

Rising Republican star Rep. Mayra Flores of Texas slammed Democrats and first lady Jill Biden for comparing the richness of the Hispanic community to breakfast tacos.

Further, she blasted the left’s strategy of “handing out tacos” and “play(ing) regional music” to get people to vote for them. But, Flores said, Democrats can no longer “think they own our vote. No more.”

Jill Biden on Monday inserted both feet squarely into her mouth with her tacos comment — plus the butchering of bodega in the same statement. As the National Association of Hispanic Journalists wryly responded, “We are not tacos.”

Biden’s press secretary gave an apology for the first lady and declared she has “pure admiration and love for the Latino community.” It is unclear if he also asserted that some of her best friends are Hispanic.

Flores, who flipped a long-time Democratic bastion in South Texas to the GOP, believes the Biden administration is in for a rude awakening in November. The Latino community, just like everyone else, wants to return to the economy of Biden’s predecessor.

She stated correctly that families being crushed under soaring inflation that reached another four-decade record this week need relief. This, along with the border crisis, is what Flores credits for the president’s historically low approval numbers.

But to some, Flores is not “authentic.”

The network that calls itself “the most trusted name in news” does not see Flores as the “real deal.” Along with Monica De La Cruz and Cassy Garcia, a pair of Republican congressional candidates from the Texas border region, CNN believes they are frauds.

In a recent op-ed piece, network contributor Raul A. Reyes ridiculed the trio for being “outside the Latino mainstream.” He decried their conservative positions on abortion, gun control, and immigration as “not where most Latinos are.”

These are almost the exact words used to disparage Supreme Court Justice Clarence Thomas since he was nominated to the bench decades ago.

Yet Flores ousted a Democratic incumbent in a district that the party had a stranglehold on for decades. And Hispanic voters across the country are breaking with Democrats in virtually every election cycle.

Music and tacos won’t cut it. The Hispanic community, Flores noted, wants “gas, rent, and groceries to come down.” Just like everyone else.