Florida Democrat Nikki Fried Has Missed the Mark in New Tweet

In the state of Florida, the economy is booming and reports indicate that thousands of people per day are moving there. Of course, this is owed to the leadership of Gov. Ron DeSantis (F).

DeSantis has consistently stood up against attacks on Floridians’ freedoms, jobs, and liberties. Doing this earned him the rage of the left-wing mainstream media, progressives, and even the White House.

Still, the Florida governor never backed down. This is one reason why he’s raised more than $100 million for his 2022 re-election campaign; it’s also why polls show DeSantis leading every single Democrat who is running for the state’s governorship.

One of those Democrats just so happens to be agriculture commissioner Nikki Fried. Fried repeatedly slams DeSantis on Twitter. However, one of her latest posts was completely off-base and criticized accordingly.

Fried on Florida Under DeSantis’ Leadership
On Wednesday morning, the Florida Democrat took to Twitter, claiming the state is “less free” with DeSantis as governor.

Of course, Fried didn’t offer any real data, statistics, or even anecdotal evidence to support this claim. However, the agriculture commissioner did receive a response from Florida Lieutenant Gov. Jeanette Nunez.

Nunez let Fried know that in light of her outlook on Florida and DeSantis, a job opportunity just might be waiting for her with Joe Biden’s Disinformation Governance Board.

Ironically, this is a board that’s recently been discontinued after mass criticism from the general public. Multiple Republican officials even stated Biden’s real life version of 1984’s Ministry of Truth isn’t even constitutional.

Documented Reactions to a DeSantis-led Florida
Recent polls out of Florida show that if Fried were to run against DeSantis in a general election, he would defeat her with a 13-point lead.

However, this doesn’t seem to have any bearing on Fried or how she chooses to campaign for the Florida Democratic nomination.

The agriculture commission’s tweet was widely branded as out of touch and simply not reflected by what’s going on in Florida. DeSantis’ support in the polls and his impressive war chest (that far outweighs funds raised by Democratic candidates) speaks volumes.

On top of this, back in 2021, Florida gained so many new residents that Republican voters in the state were able to outnumber Florida Democrat voters. To this very day, there are over 100,000 more Republicans in the state than Democrats.

By contrast, when DeSantis first won the 2018 governor’s race, Democrats had a significant voter registration advantage over Florida Republicans.

All things considered, it looks like most people in Florida actually do believe the state is freer under Gov. DeSantis.