Florida Governor Ron DeSantis Is Being Criticized For Rising Numbers

The United States is moving into a new phase of COVID-19 where the focus is turning from infections to what matters, which is deaths and hospitalizations. Part of the problem with that is the term “hospitalization.” If a patient walks into the emergency room, gets tested, and walks out, that’s a COVID-19 hospitalization.

Jennifer Rubin, a NeverTrump, pro-democracy opinion writer at Washington Post and MSNBC contributor, tweeted:

So, don’t worry about what she said before?

“DeSantis downplays rising COVID-19 numbers that’ll work for no one.”

Which one is it? Good for Biden and bad for DeSantis?

The fact remains, Florida still has a 1.5% overall mortality rate which is much better than places like New York with a 1.7% mortality rate.

Many media outlets are moving away from tracking the numbers, and there’s a reason for that. The daily count and rolling 7-day average are way up compared to 2020, making Daddy Biden look bad. It’s lucky that Omicron isn’t as deadly as the other variants. Otherwise, Biden would have some explaining about the lack of available tests, and it’s been going on since the beginning of November.

Nikki Fried, the upcoming Florida Governor candidate that will lose, tweeted, “The chaos you’re seeing in Florida is all just a sacrifice we are being forced to make to get Ron DeSantis more airtime on Fox News.” Fried then tweeted that if Floridians wanted to end the chaos, they could donate money to Fried’s campaign. It’s not clear why that choice would be the best one, but Florida certainly wouldn’t see the amount of freedom that they do now.

Fried wasn’t even clear what chaos she was speaking of.

Fried also posted on Twitter that she was there when DeSantis wasn’t, but it turns out all she did was get a COVID-19 booster shot while cameras followed her around.

Fried tweeted:

Fried’s little “press conference” was meant to seem like she was “acting Governor,” but a quick search would have shown that DeSantis has done press conferences over the last week several times.

It’s also interesting that Fried is acting as though Floridians can’t get tested and notes that COVID-19 numbers are up. The only way to get the numbers up is to test people and find positive ones. You can’t have both of those situations happening at the same time. Otherwise, you’re lying about at least one of them.