Florida State GOP Lawmaker Files Bill Stronger Than Texas Abortion Law

Republican Florida state Rep. Webster Barnaby has filed a bill similar to Texas’ controversial new abortion law, but it’s even more conservative. In addition to allowing the people to bring a civil action against physicians that provide abortion in violation of the bill, it would also impose a punishing compensatory fine for the damages, going one step beyond the Texas law.

Another way the Florida abortion bill is more conservative than the Texas law is because it doesn’t refer to the baby as a “fetus,” the language used in the Texas abortion law. Instead, the Florida abortion bill refers to the baby as the “unborn child,” terminology more in line with the pro-life movement’s view of what’s at stake in laws governing abortion.

A fetus is a term generally preferred by radical pro-choice leftists and the mainstream media and mainstream parlance and official jargon. But that term started as the preferred pronoun of unborn babies for radical militant feminists who sought a vision of America where abortion on demand as birth control reigned supreme, all the way through the third trimester, right up to the point of birth. 

The radical feminists who propagated the term fetus to refer to unborn babies were so far gone in their depravity and spite for human life that they even successfully advocated for and brought partial-birth abortions to the United States labor is partially induced. The baby is partially born by the mother, all but the head, and then the doctor kills the baby and removes the head. It is not written to shock. It’s what has been happening in the United States under our legal and medical system for decades now.

But where the Florida abortion bill proposed by Rep. Barnaby and the Texas abortion law are alike because they require doctors to check for the baby’s heartbeat before performing an abortion. If they detect the unborn baby’s heartbeat, they are prohibited from performing an abortion by Texas law. It will be so in Florida, too, should this bill pass into law. It effectively prohibits abortion after around six weeks of gestation.

Opposing a law like that does seem, well, kind of heartless. But the backlash against Texas from the left was ferocious. There were calls for boycotts of Texas-based companies like Dell Computers. GoDaddy promised to airlift any employees out of the state who wanted to leave to keep working for the company somewhere that doctors are allowed to help them stop their baby’s heart from beating and throw it away in a plastic bag.

While Democrats make a concerted effort to swing Texas blue, moving there to escape the taxes and regulations of the hell hole blue cities they came from, yet bringing their big government mentality with them and bragging that they’re going to flip the Lone Star state blue, resulting in the hilarious cringefest of Beto O’Rourke’s failed campaign, Texas just passed the stop moving here from California act of 2021. And Florida might pass theirs next.