Florida Teacher Go NUCLEAR On Kid That Brought Trump Flag To School In Viral Video

All rationality is gone from the left, and it shows in educational settings. When you place someone in charge of educating children, they get the idea that they can teach opinion rather than educational information. Now, you have teachers who advocate for Democrat policies and critical race theory and tell their students that they hate former President Donald Trump.

Students, namely in 2020, have been allowed to display political messaging on clothing such as “Black Lives Matter” shirts but weren’t allowed to wear hats or shirts that say “Make America Great Again.” One is just as political as the other.

Historically, students have been allowed to express their beliefs. It’s been held up by Tinker V. Des Moines. Students were protesting the Vietnam War by wearing armbands. That’s no more or less political than “Make America Great Again” or “Black Lives Matter.”

A teacher in Florida yelled at students who supported their friend who brought a Trump flag to school. The teacher yelled at the students, but she said that Trump brings out racism in trashy people. It is the kind of nonsense that kids have to deal with in school these days.

The teacher claimed that the student brought the flag to class “to make many African American kids mad.” Trump isn’t racist, and neither is the flag the kid brought in. The delusional left believes that if you support Trump, you’re racist, but that claim has never been held up. If you want to point out racism where it exists, then look at the Democrat party. Notably, President Biden said that if Black Americans didn’t vote for him, then “you ain’t black.”

Do the Democrats let those comments go? Do they not care that it seems pretty racist?

The teacher went on to ask if the students supported the child after they “knew” that he was trying to make the African American kids mad. Something is wrong if a teacher is trying to pit students against each other, but this is the Democrat party at its best. You wouldn’t want to see them at their worst.

The students then defended the student, saying that he has many Black American friends. The students then began to tell the Biden supporting teacher to get out of there.

The teacher should be fired. American taxpayers don’t deserve any personal political opinion in the classroom, regardless of which party it comes from.