Former AOC Staffer Now New York Communist Party Leader

Today’s winner in the category of things we should have seen coming is the news that a former staffer for Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez (D-NY) is now a senior leader for the New York State Communist Party.

The New York Post reported that Justine Medina is an ex-aide who worked for the far left lawmaker from New York’s 14th congressional district. Her tenure lasted from February to November 2020 and records show she earned over $35,000.

In what may be described as a natural progression, Medina then became the “Co-Chair of the New York Young Communist League.” This honor was bestowed by People’s World, a Communist Party newspaper.

Now, the same outlet announced that the former AOC staffer had been elevated to membership on the “Executive Committee of the New York State Communist Party.”

According to social media records cited by the Post, Medina was already touting her Marxist credentials while on the “Squad” member’s payroll.

In Oct. 2020, she tweeted that “I am a Communist, but work for AOC.” She later defended her ideology by asserting that “communism is about equality, democracy, peace, the advancement of the workers, the oppressed, and humanity in general.”

In an ominous addition to the same post, Medina warned that “it is true the path there will be unkind to those who block progress, but Communism is good and should not scare you.”

Apparently her long string of arrests did not disqualify her from service to AOC’s campaign or the Communist Party. She was booked into jail at least twice in June 2020 for her role in Black Lives Matter protests.

It was then that she tweeted a complaint that the arresting officers’ zip ties were too tight. According to the New Yorker, in another 2020 incident she was arrested for trying to vandalize a plaque honoring Fred Trump in Queens.

Medina, for all her bleating about communism, is a daughter of wealth. Her Cuban-American lawyer father, Omar Medina, hails from a family that escaped Castro’s brutal regime.

He is not proud of his daughter’s Marxist ideology. “As for her allegiance to the Communist Party, I could not be further removed from that,” Medina explained. “It’s a big problem. My family escaped communism.”

He told the Post that his daughter is “misguided as to the benefits that political system provides.” The lawyer added that it “flat out doesn’t work.”

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