Former Defense Official Says U.S. Had Drone Locked On Kabul Airport Bomber But Permission To Fire Was Denied

A former Department of Defense official provided stunning information in a recent interview concerning the August 26 suicide bomb attack at the Kabul airport that killed 13 U.S. service members and injured several others.

Former Deputy Assistant Secretary Roger Pardo-Maurer also worked inside the State Department since at least 2001. His interview with MRC Latino revealed that the Department of Defense knew the bomber’s identity before the deadly attack at Abbey Gate airport.

Previous reporting by RedState disclosed a report that the U.S. intelligence community had information about the time and location of the attack in advance. Pentagon spokesman John Kirby refused to answer questions about the statement, which said that the airport’s Abbey Gate appeared to be the location at the highest risk.

Pardo-Maurer said that intelligence not only knew the likely time and location of the attack in advance but also had an attack drone locked in on the bomber himself. He said that permission was asked for but was refused to strike the target. He added that permission was denied because the U.S. was in the process of negotiating with the Taliban.

If Pardo-Maurer’s statement is true, it would mean that the U.S. had outsourced its security outside the airport to the Taliban to such an extent that the military could not obtain permission to take out a high-threat target without the Taliban’s permission.

John Kirby should be asked additional questions about the intelligence that was available before the August 26 attack. Kirby should be asked who refused and why if permission was withheld on a request to strike a target. If there were orders from above, the public has a right to know about that as well.

Of course, the administration is likely hoping the story disappears along with all the other loose ends in Afghanistan that Joe Biden would like to never think about again. That is if he ever thought about them in the first place.