Former DHS Secretary Says Simple Fact Proves Biden Trying To Flood Border With Illegals

Former President Donald Trump’s border policy may have seemed racist, but it worked. The skin color of migrants crossing the southern border has no room for arguing that they should enter through a legal pathway. If they were White, then the conversation wouldn’t even happen.

President Joe Biden has failed the American people in exchange for unlimited amnesty without any questions. The southern border got dumped on Vice President Kamala Harris, but she’s done nothing to assist with the problem. The most Harris did was go to Guatemala and tell people not to come to the United States. That didn’t work at all.

Biden lost when the Supreme Court said he had to enact Trump’s Remain in Mexico policy, but Biden hasn’t exactly done that. It would be the 2nd time Biden has been struck down by the Supreme Court, the first being the eviction moratorium that Biden ignored to wait for the appeal process.

Former Department of Homeland Security Secretary Chad Wolf is coming out against the Biden administration, saying that the Remain in Mexico policy stemmed the flow of illegal immigration across the southern border.

The Department of Homeland Security will issue a new memorandum that eliminates the Migrant Protection Protocol, ensuring that migrants entering or seeking asylum in the United States stay in Mexico until their court hearings are completed. An injunction has already been issued by a Texas judge requiring the Biden administration to act in good faith to restart the Migrant Protection Protocol. The appeals process is underway, and any new memorandum wouldn’t occur until the last one is dissolved or the appeals process is unsuccessful. Wolf said that the Biden administration’s focus on eliminating the Remain in Mexico policy is like they’re trying to fail.

Biden or any other federal agency isn’t above the law, and they’ll find out soon enough that they can’t impose illegal policies or policies that are against the court’s rulings. The rule of law doesn’t only apply to citizens but government agencies as well.

Recently it’s like the southern border doesn’t exist. Haitian migrants are coming and going as they please with no pushback and nobody seems to care. Another wave of Haitian migrants is expected to be at the southern border, consisting of tens of thousands of people within the next month. By then, the problem will be well outside of the control of the Biden administration.

It seems that Biden wants this to happen. Harris, who should be taking action, is too busy hiring new advisors to help her somehow. Harris’ dereliction of duty couldn’t be more obvious. It is a problem with a one-party government. No representation from opposing views is even considered, and the issues are continuing to get worse.