Former Mayor Comes Out As A Republican

There’s not only a switch in voters moving to the Republican party, but politicians are moving over as well. It’s not easy to go along with the radical left for an extended time. There’s an accurate recognition that Republican-run states and territories are much easier to live in and have happier residents.

North Las Vegas Mayor John Lee was elected as a Democrat but has announced that he’s switching to the Republican party.

That’s an ethical stance to take because Clark County, Nevada, is known to vote Democrat. Clark County has voted Democrat in every presidential election since 2000, and there is a more significant percentage of Democrat voters overall. In the 2020 presidential election, 53.7% of people voted Democrat compared to 44.3% of people who voted Republican.

Lee said, “They recently held a leadership election, and four of the five candidates were Socialist Party members. It’s not the party I grew up with 25 years ago, and it’s not the party I can stand with anymore.”

It certainly is not.

The United States is a country filled with ordinary working-class individuals, and the idea of socialism is farfetched and not something more people are interested in. Socialists have been interjecting themselves into the Democrat party by pushing social policies rather than pushing their far-left socialist agenda. If they blasted it on the campaign trail, they would never get elected.

Lee also said, “As a result, I discovered a new organization to which I can pledge my devotion and assist. Forget about the previous eight years once more. The next four years will determine the future.”

Former CIA officer Bryan Dean Wright said that he left the Democrat party because of the second impeachment attempt of former President Donald Trump. Wright said that it showed how ridiculous the political divide in the U.S. was and caused him to question his loyalties.

Wright said, “For years, Democrats like me have watched with increasing alarm as our political leaders and activists have used an endless stream of hateful, violent and ultimately un-American rhetoric,” and Wright noted that it has caused billions of dollars of economic damage and caused the violence across the country.

Wright is describing the socialist nature of the Democrat party and what it’s turned into over the last couple of decades. It’s sad to see but encouraging that many are brave enough to switch parties in light of the poor economic and social priorities of the top leadership of the Democrats. There should be more coming down the pipeline as the 2022 midterm is coming up quickly.