Former Principal Arrested For Violent Assault Of Student

A since-fired elementary school principal in Florida is facing serious charges after a disturbing incident caught on video involving the assault of a student.

Dontay Akeem Prophet, who previously served as principal at Destiny Leadership Academy in Ocala, was arrested on Saturday on numerous charges related to the attack, including false imprisonment of a child under 13, according to Click Orlando.

Authorities from the Marion County Sheriff’s Office responded to reports of a physical altercation between Prophet and a student, leading to Prophet’s arrest.

Surveillance footage obtained from the classroom revealed Prophet engaging in a prolonged confrontation with the student, during which he allegedly restrained the child, employed a chokehold, and struck the child with a charging cable. The footage also showed Prophet twisting the child’s ankle and slapping the child in the face.

Despite Prophet’s claims that his actions were intended to prevent harm to the child, investigators argue that the video evidence contradicts this explanation.

Prophet, 33, is currently being held without bail, as confirmed by Marion County records. He is scheduled to appear in court on June 11.

In response to the incident, Destiny Leadership Academy terminated Prophet’s employment and held a meeting with parents to address concerns and ensure transparency about student safety.

The arrest has sparked shock and outrage among parents and community members, who are demanding answers and accountability for the alleged assault on the student.

The Marion County Sheriff’s Office released a statement detailing the altercation.

“During the investigation, surveillance footage from the classroom was obtained, revealing Prophet preventing the child from leaving the room for over 40 minutes,” authorities said.

“Surveillance footage captured him grabbing the victim, restraining him on the ground, and employing a chokehold. Prophet can be seen on camera using a charging cable to strike the child, causing the child to fall and sustain injuries.”

The statement also noted that the principal had “twisted the child’s ankle, slapped the child in the face” and subjected him to further physical violence.

Prophet was confronted during his arrest with the news that there was video evidence of the attack.

“I don’t know if you know this or not, but there’s a security camera in that room,” a deputy told the principal in released body-camera footage.

It has also been revealed that Prophet was previously charged with indecent acts with a child, which has called into question how he obtained employment at the private school.

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