Fox News Falls for Hutchinson J6 Testimony

Several members of the mainstream media, including Fox News, celebrated Cassidy Hutchinson’s testimony to the January 6 Committee despite the fact that most of her story just didn’t add up.

Hutchinson, who was an aide to former White House chief of staff Mark Meadows during the final days of the Trump administration, testified before the House select committee investigating the January 6 Capitol riot on Tuesday.

During her testimony, she claimed that White Hosue Deputy chief of staff Tony Ornato told her that former President Donald Trump had attempted to grab the wheel of the presidential Suburban when he was told that he could not go to the Capitol during the riot, and became frustrated when Secret Service agent Bobby Engel tried to stop him.

Hutchinson claimed that Trump “said something to the effect of, ‘I’m the effing president, take me up to the Capitol now.’”

Soon after her testimony, people began to poke holes in her ridiculous story. Just a few hours later, Engel and Ornato both announced their willingness to contradict Hutchinson’s testimony under oath.

Of course, before any of her story could be verified or commented on by individuals that were actually involved that day — as Hutchinson’s entire testimony was based on hearsay — the mainstream media, including Fox News, amplified the allegations and treated them as if they were fact.

One Fox News staffer reportedly said to the Daily Beast’s Justin Baragona, “Yeah, I don’t know how you possibly spin this,” following the testimony.

Reporters for the supposedly “conservative” news channel parroted a similar message on air.

Fox News host Bret Baier called Hutchinson’s testimony “jaw-dropping.”

“I’ve covered politics a long time,” Baier said. “I don’t think there has been testimony like this — that is kind of jaw-dropping, in a way — on the inside workings of a White House in crisis after, you know, at this moment, January 6th, that we have seen since Watergate.”

Another Fox News host, Geraldo Rivera, applauded Baier’s “fair, accurate, complete, and balanced,” assessment of Hutchinson’s testimony.

Rivera also called the testimony “damning” and a “bombshell,” before stating that Hutchinson “deserves a Presidential Medal of Freedom.”

CNN’s Jake Tapper heavily promoted Hutchinson’s testimony, but was at least more honest than Baier and Rivera, as he acknowledged that “as of now, it is hearsay.”

Surprisingly, even left-wing sources reported on the fact that individuals had come forward to contradict Hutchinson’s testimony. Both NBC and ABC confirmed in their reporting that the Secret Service agents who were with Trump on January 6 were willing to testify under oath that the former president never attempted to commandeer the presidential Suburban or assaulted any agents.