Fox News’ Gutfeld Says That School Physical Assault Was Covered-Up For Sake Of Governor Race

Greg Gutfeld of Gutfeld and The Five Fox News show, and Geraldo Rivera got into it over the physical assault claims in Northern Virginia.

Gutfeld said, “They covered this thing up for the sake of an election.” It makes sense because of how polarizing Terry McAuliffe’s comments were about parents not making decisions about what happens in schools. The two incidents happened nearly at the same time.

The case that Gutfeld is talking about is from Loudoun County, where a “transgender” student assaulted a female student in the girl’s restroom. The school board said they weren’t even aware that it had happened, and the student’s father was arrested at the school board meeting because he was yelling at the school board members.

The police hadn’t even been notified, and according to Gutfeld, the school was covering up the incident because of the Virginia Governor Gubernatorial race.

“Why is nobody talking about this crime? Now we know that it’s true. The predator has pleaded guilty. And no one would have known about this if it wasn’t for the dad of the victim being arrested and humiliated and called a domestic terrorist by the school board!” Gutfeld yelled.

Gutfeld also said that it was covered up because of some sympathy of the suspect because he was wearing a skirt or “some antipathy toward the victim,” but if you vote for McAuliffe, you’re voting for rape.

Rivera couldn’t let that comment go and took the opportunity to laugh and say, “That is the most outrageous thing.” But it’s not. McAuliffe said parents don’t get to decide what happens in school, and you’re seeing a perfect real-time example of what happens when schools are entirely in charge. It’s hard to argue against that.

He also said that the father “Scared the hell out of me.” Well, if Rivera wasn’t such a pansy, then maybe he could take some heat. Rivera also said that McAuliffe was right in saying that diversity and inclusion were just as important as other educational topics. It is also a perfect example of what happens when schools push the transgender movement into the students.

Rivera tried to say that Gutfeld wouldn’t have cared about the assault had it not been for the skirt, but Gutfeld said something similar to “forget about the skirt” toward the beginning of his statement.

Gutfeld said, “You get angrier over people who don’t get the frickin’ vaccine than you do over a predator!”

A perfect final statement from Gutfeld and a perfect end of the argument.