George Floyd’s Nephew Undermined Members Of The Jury In This Major Case

The George Floyd trial was messed up in a lot of ways. Did Derek Chauvin deserve to be charged and convicted of crimes? Yes. Intentional first-degree murder? No. The statutes don’t line up with the actions of Chauvin when he was on the scene. Other political and civilian influences have destroyed the case and given the defense a solid appeals case.

Maxine Waters (D-CAL) told protesters to “get more confrontational” if there isn’t a guilty verdict. That places the jurors in jeopardy if there’s a perceived bias in the courtroom and if the jurors were perceived to have a racial motive. That sounds ridiculous to an ordinary person, but Democrats have a way of making something out of nothing.

That alone could give a strong case for an appeal to the conviction. But George Floyd’s family did something much worse.

Cortez Rice, George Floyd’s nephew, posted a video on social media saying, “I ain’t even going to name the people that I know that’s up in the Kenosha trial. But it’s cameras in there. It’s cameras up there. There are people taking pictures of the jurors and everything like that. We know what’s going on. So we need the same results, man.”

Rice was referencing the Kyle Rittenhouse trial. What he means by the same results is a guilty verdict.

The Rittenhouse trial is much different than the Derek Chauvin trial. The defense, as well as the witnesses, have made a strong case for self-defense in Rittenhouse’s situation, and there’s a high likelihood Rittenhouse will be found innocent.

If jurors are intimidated, and the video suggests they are, then specific criminal charges can be filed for the accused.

It should never become a typical suit for situations such as this. The justice system will work how it’s supposed to without involvement from outside sources. If Rice wants justice for anyone, he must mind his own business and get out of the way.

Rice had recently engaged in similar behavior when he brought a group of Black Lives Matter activists to the home of a judge who will preside over the Kim Potter case. It is lawless behavior that has to stop. Where is the FBI drone footage of the events here? Are there any informants in the crowd of people? They aren’t White Americans, so probably not.

Yelling that you want justice now doesn’t mean anything. No justice happens when it’s demanded. That doesn’t exist in any country, state, or local municipality. There’s a court day, a judge, jury, and facts of the case that are presented. Just because people might not like the possible outcome doesn’t mean they can sway the court’s opinion.

If Rice is looking for trial by public opinion, he’s not looking very popular. If that trial included criminal behavior and the trial date was today, he would be found guilty. That’s not how this country works. There’s no justice in public opinion.