George W. Bush’s 9/11 Speech Dedicated To Fighting Domestic Terrorism Garnered Some Criticism

Former President George W. Bush set the patriotic movement on fire by comparing the Taliban to domestic extremists in the United States. First off, we all know who Bush is talking about. He’s talking about most of the Republican party and anyone who would self-label themselves as a “patriot.” The meaning of patriot isn’t harmful. It’s a term used by Americans who love this country and the founding documents attached and rooted in our political, social, and economic system we call the United States.

The Taliban are ravaged who rape and kill women and children. That’s as clear-cut as it can get. The Taliban isn’t a governing body and doesn’t have the wellbeing of others in mind. They have no idea how to administer a country and lack the financial resources to meet the objectives they have set for themselves.

Bush made this comparison for two reasons. He wanted to accomplish two tasks simultaneously, lessen the negative view of the Taliban, and strengthen the negative stance of patriotic Americans. Because he is not a sitting president, Bush has a lot more freedom to normalize terroristic activity. Because he was the president during the September 11th, 2001 terror attacks on the Twin Towers, there’s a feeling that he’s more of an expert on extremism and domestic terrorism than he is. Bush knows that patriotic Americans are upset with Biden’s actions since he was elected president and don’t stand for Biden’s plan. They’re increasingly calling for accountability in the White House. By attempting to weaken their role, he’s placing Biden’s administration at a tremendous advantage of shaking that accountability off of themselves and moving on as if nothing has happened.

The patriotic American community shuns actual domestic terrorism, domestic extremism, and radical extremism. White supremacy and anti-Semitic organizations and rhetoric aren’t welcome, and that community calls out most times.

Most patriotic Americans condemn the January 6th riot because they disagree with the incident and believe it shouldn’t have happened. With more information about the attendees and their ties to the Democrat party and the Federal Bureau of Investigations agents possibly helping organize the event, you get the idea that it wasn’t the patriotic American side of things that have caused most of them the incidents in the United States.

Speaking of the January 6th riot, if Americans wanted to take over the government and the riot was pre-planned, they would have brought guns, but they didn’t.

“They are children of the same foul spirit,” is what Bush said of violent extremists abroad and violent extremists, and that’s a reasonable explanation, but when the White House labels domestic extremism as free speech, constitutionally protected, and election fraud narratives.