Georgia Sen. Warnock Demands End to Fossil Fuel Use

A recently disclosed video from 2020 shows that Sen. Raphael Warnock (D-GA) believes America needs to end the use of fossil fuels and is open to a federal carbon tax to make it happen.

Warnock was being interviewed last May by Georgia Conservation Voters Executive Director Brionte McCorkle as he was running for a Senate seat and was asked if he supports legislation that would create a “carbon tax” to curb energy consumption. He said that he believes the U.S. needs to move away from a fossil fuel-based economy.

He said the current energy industry is the “way of the past.” The then-candidate said that he wanted to be part of the conversation about ending the use of fossil fuels and he would bring his “values and commitment” to the discussion.

Warnock has been working recently to present himself as a moderate Democrat on energy issues and domestic production as gas prices continue to surge in Georgia and nationwide.

The average price for a gallon of gas in Georgia hit a record high this week, coming in at $4.28 on Tuesday. That is up $2.72 per gallon from the price one year ago.

Warnock and other Democrats facing reelection challenges this fall have recently called for state or federal gas tax holidays to temporarily reduce consumer gas prices. The move is a clear change in strategy for the progressive Warnock, who voted against efforts to lift Joe Biden’s prohibitions on domestic oil and gas production last August. He has also voted several times against allowing the Keystone XL pipeline project to move forward.

The video will reportedly become part of an ad produced by 34N22, a super-PAC operating in support of the campaign of Republican Hershel Walker. Walker, the 1982 Heisman Trophy winner while playing college football for the University of Georgia, is running against Warnock in this fall’s election.

34N22 said that the video will be highlighted in a “six-figure” ad campaign. Stephen Lawson represents the PAC and said that Warnock will not be allowed to run away from his established track record of killing domestic energy production. He said that Warnock’s votes have helped to contribute to spiking gas prices and the loss of American energy independence. Lawson pledged that the Walker campaign will let Georgians know “exactly who’s to blame” for energy price inflation.

The current polling composite posted by Real Clear Politics shows Walker holding a narrow one-point lead over Warnock.