Germany Doesn’t Seem To Have A US Ambassador Anymore

Now that the Russia-Ukraine situation is heating up, Amy Gutmann, the United States Ambassador to Germany, has returned to the US after only a few days in Germany. That’s an unprecedented move and a major weakness in President Joe Biden’s Administration since Biden allowed the Nord Stream 2 Pipeline to continue.

The pipeline is a major asset to Russia and gives them the power of opportunity to shut the pipeline down or throttle the flow. Many “withdrawal from Afghanistan” vibes are being felt, and Biden’s actions will either make him or break him. There’s no middle ground.

A former State Department Official told Breitbart News, “The White House lobbied the Senate to confirm Gutmann this month because they said she was urgently needed in Germany due to an impending war from Russia.”

After the long process to confirm Gutmann, she’s already not fulfilling her duties. What was the rush? Was it a new Biden tactic to fraudulently push forward a nominee? That sounds typical.

US Embassy in Berlin spokesperson Joseph Giordono-Scholz confirmed that Gutmann was returning and will continue to engage in “cross-government consultations.” Still, it’s questionable if she’s taking a vacation because Gutmann took a commercial flight back to the US. Either Air Force 2 wasn’t available, or she was told no, but Breitbart reported that “Kamala Harris refused to let her fly home on Air Force Two.”

Giordono-Scholz also said, “Every effort was made for Ambassador Gutmann to be sworn in and credentialed as quickly as possible, precisely so that she could start her tenure quickly and join the key engagements with allies and partners at the Munich Security Conference. Ambassador Gutmann has temporarily returned to the United States to undertake cross-government consultations on the situation and to complete necessary State Department in-processing, and will return to Berlin as soon as possible.”

It doesn’t seem like there should have been an issue with her staying as crucial of a time we’re going through. The conflict is rising, and tensions will flare with Russia’s movements. An Ambassador can play a valuable role in global politics by being in the country hit hard, provided it’s safe. At this point in the Russia-Ukraine conflict, Germany is safe.

Giordono-Scholz continued, “Ambassador Gutmann is fully engaged in the critical diplomacy being undertaken at this crucial moment. Any suggestion otherwise is completely false.”

Who knows why Gutmann left Germany or who paid for it, but the fact remains that Gutmann should be expected to do her job and do it well. If this is flying home for the weekend, that should be Gutmann’s expense, not taxpayers.