Ghislaine Maxwell Dishes On Bill Clinton, Prince Andrew In Prison Interview

Although her longtime partner in crime died behind bars without revealing secrets about his underage sex trafficking scheme, Ghislaine Maxwell is still alive and talking.

She is currently serving a 20-year prison sentence following her conviction on charges related to grooming young girls to be abused by the late Jeffrey Epstein. Although allegations about Epstein’s crimes were documented in court, there are still mysteries related to the rich and powerful men believed to have visited his infamous private island.

While Maxwell did not provide much information about their connection to Epstein, she did weigh in on two of the men often associated with him: former President Bill Clinton and Prince Andrew.

In an interview from behind bars, she expressed sympathy and regret over her connection with the two prominent figures.

As for Clinton, Maxwell described “a special friendship, which continued over the years.”

She added that they “had lots in common,” lamenting that “he is another victim, only because of his association with Jeffrey.”

The former president has attracted widespread criticism and speculation over the fact that flight logs showed he flew on Epstein’s private jet dozens of times.

Maxwell also addressed the controversy surrounding King Charles III’s younger brother, Prince Andrew, who was accused of having sex with a 17-year-old girl. His accuser, Virginia Giuffre, can be seen in an infamous photograph with Andrew’s arm around her and Maxwell standing off to the side.

For her part, Maxwell now claims that the image might have been faked.

“At this time, I no longer believe that to be a true image, and I don’t believe that it is what it appears to be,” she said, adding that there “are so many things that are wrong with it.”

Echoing her remarks about Clinton, she went on to express regret over the fact that Prince Andrew’s reputation has been ruined because of his association with Epstein.

“He is paying such a price for the association with Jeffrey Epstein,” Maxwell concluded. “I care about him, and I feel so bad for him.”

She reserved some sympathy for herself, reiterating her assertion that meeting Epstein was “the greatest mistake” of her life.

“I think there are many women who can identify with my story,” Maxwell claimed. “Many have either fallen in love with or had relationships with men that in hindsight they look back on and say ‘What was I thinking?’ I imagine there’s not a woman on the planet who would not think that about one or other of their boyfriends.”