Glenn Youngkin is Heading to Arizona to Stump For Kari Lake

In Arizona, Republican Kari Lake is running to be the next governor of Arizona. Lake is running against Democrat Katie Hobbs, who continuously refuses to debate her.

Hobbs claims that Lake is too fringe, a conspiracy theorist, and someone who she shouldn’t have to share a debate stage with. This has led to a lot of pushback against Hobbs with many people claiming the Arizona Democrat just isn’t able to defend her policies.

Thus far, multiple polls have shown Lake and Hobbs as nearly neck-in-neck with one another, with the Arizona Republican taking a slight lead in some cases. Later this month, Lake will have the added support of Virginia Gov. Glenn Youngkin (R) coming to the state to campaign on her behalf.

What to Know About Youngkin’s Upcoming Visit to Arizona
The Virginia governor’s visit to Arizona will come after he’s made trips to Michigan and Nevada in order to stump for Republicans. While in Arizona, Youngkin will continue his efforts to get GOP governors elected across the United States.

Youngkin’s visit to Arizona on Lake’s behalf will also come as she’s gaining momentum in her campaign. Various law enforcement groups have come out to endorse the Arizona Republican. She also enjoys the support of former President Trump, which goes a long way in Arizona and across the nation.

In Virginia, Youngkin’s also been taking various specific measures that are making headlines. One key example of this includes vowing to push back against laws that would force residents of his state to purchase electric vehicles in the years to come, following in the footsteps of California.

Democrats, meanwhile, are already going after Youngkin for his campaigning for Republicans across various states. Some on the left even claim the Virginia governor’s support for Lake and other Republicans is a political ploy to advance his profile.

More About Lake’s Campaign
Kari Lake isn’t letting Hobbs’ refusal to debate her slow things down. On Monday, Lake’s campaign announced that she’ll be holding a tour where people can “ask [her] anything.”

In making this announcement, the Arizona Republican’s campaign also reiterated that Hobbs is rejecting this level of transparency with the state’s residents, despite asking for their votes.