Glenn Youngkin Must Become More Strategic To Implement His Conservative Plan

Conservatives had several electoral victories and policy triumphs during the Biden Era. As liberalism tightens its death grip on this country, Republicans have started to take over pockets over a brief timeframe. In Virginia, the governorship flipped with the election of Glenn Youngkin. Yet moderate establishment RINOs in the Virginia House of Delegates have been hindering a portion of the Youngkin’s agenda.

Youngkin crushed Democrat and Clintonista Terry McAuliffe last November. He rode a rush of discontent with COVID-19 mandates. He galvanized opposition to liberal radicalism in state-funded public schools that allowed a female student to be raped by a transexual student and then covered it up. He then explained that parents and guardians have the right to decide if they want their kids to wear masks. He also investigated the Loudoun County School District over charges that it concealed this assault. And he rolled back many of the COVID guidelines and vaccination orders put in place by former Governor Ralph Northam of abortion on demand and blackface fame.

Virginia Attorney General Jason Miyares and Republican legislators have upheld those actions. They have also removed the force masking of children in public schools. Also, many other draconian COVID-19 restrictions have finally been loosened. But Donald Trump’s Department of Education official Nick Bell revealed that Republicans in the assembly are attempting to neutralize Youngkin’s agenda and thwart conservative policies that support parents.

Bell notes that supporting pro-life legislation like a 20-week early termination abortion ban for third trimester or nearly full-term children is out. Republican Senate Minority Leader Tommy Norment, Rob Bell and Todd Gilbert said that pushing for a bill to protect unborn children was not politically viable. Unlike premature children, which are possible at 25 weeks.

Gilbert attempted to convince voters that he was pro-life. But that Republicans running on pro-life policies were not crucial to most Virginians. Does he have any idea what the Republican Party supposedly stands for? Do we have any idea how much contempt these liars have for Republican voters? Gilbert once goaded Democrat Kathy Tran to scandalously concede in 2019 that she supported abortion up to the moment of birth. Then Ralph Northam nearly came out to support child sacrifice and infanticide on her behalf.

Establishment players and compromised Republicans like Carrie Coyner and Siobhan Dunnavant have killed bills that enable schools to dismiss state transexual orders. Coyner rejected bills that would not allow the CRT propaganda in kindergarten and secondary schools. She wants guardians to sign off on kids getting perverted training too. What is this garbage?

Some Republicans have voted to grant the power to the state to close churches during a pandemic just in case we have another one. They also proposed a law that would overturn the state’s acknowledgment that marriage is a monogamous relationship between one man and one woman. What is next?

Bell clarifies that Youngkin has added strict conservatives to the State Board of Education. Swamp Republicans in Virginia are still trying to subvert his plans. It means that Youngkin must double down and support family values, defend parent rights, oppose liberal school boards and prosecute criminal activities. He must also court publicity on social flashpoints to which Virginia voters rallied last November.