Go Get Him!’: Did Biden Just Signal That American Troops Are Going To Ukraine?

Joe Biden concluded his State of the Union Address with the words, “God bless you all and God preserve our warriors.” Go find him! There was still a considerable presence in Afghanistan and US forces may still be found worldwide. However, they are not currently involved in any significant battle for the first time in many years.

Moreover, many people have speculated that the dotty old puppet, Papa Dementia, read a stage direction intended for the individuals who were supposed to come up at the end of the address and lead the phony president out of the auditorium. During his State of the Union Address on Tuesday, Joe Biden expressly said, “Our soldiers are not engaged and will not engage in the war with Russian forces in Ukraine.” However, his odd shout “Go get him!” seemed to undermine this vow.

Joe Scarborough urged that the US send foot soldiers to Ukraine to combat Russia, which Kamala Harris had to mop up after. “They’re not going to send American troops on the ground in Ukraine to fight Russians,” she said on NBC’s Today show. “However, they have been providing Ukraine and their partners with an enormous level of security aid.”

Furthermore, President Joe Biden’s remark that US soldiers would not be involved in the Ukraine crisis but may be deployed to Europe to defend NATO members if the war develops to include any NATO member state is noteworthy. That was essentially a vow to go to war with Russia if the Russian Federation advanced westward toward NATO countries. Joe Biden has repeatedly demonstrated an adept, clever, calculated, intricate and persistent prevaricator. It is not an exaggeration to suggest that nothing he says, absolutely nothing, can or should be accepted at face value. Joe Biden is a serial liar.

Therefore Joe Biden would love to proclaim that US forces had killed the terrible Putin. It would transcend even the assassination of Osama bin Laden in terms of projecting authoritarian, confident American leadership. It would almost probably result in a world war and Old Joe hasn’t shied away from any brinkmanship in recent days. People can only hope that the hypothesis that “Joe read his stage directions” is accurate.