GOP Candidate Slams Critic of Her Married Name as ‘Racist’

Arizona Republican congressional candidate Tanya Contreras Wheeless responded sharply to criticism from Democratic Rep. Ruben Gallego after he attacked her for using her married name.

Gallego became miffed when Wheeless responded to first lady Jill Biden’s “breakfast tacos” fiasco. Admitting she’s not a taco, the candidate declared she is actually a “proud, conservative Latina.”

The Democrat, who is not even running against Wheeless, chimed in with derision anyway over Wheeless using her husband’s last name. Apparently marrying someone of a different ethnicity made her less Hispanic in his eyes.

Gallego demeaned Wheeless by calling her Latina “cuando le conviene,” meaning, “when it suits her.”

Wheeless did not back down. Pointing to the obvious fact that many women change their last name when they marry, she shot back that it “doesn’t change who they are or where they came from.” Attacks for her last name, as Wheeless rightly noted, are “sexist” and “racist.”

In a statement, the candidate wrote further that Gallego’s charge of her not being “sufficiently Latina” is sad but not unexpected.

Democrats are running scared of what they see as a day of reckoning in November. Losing the House is all but certain, and it may be by a wide margin. The Senate is up for grabs, and with their president setting historically low approval ratings, they cannot afford more defections.

There is a growing panic among leftists as Hispanic voters continue their shift rightward. This movement produced a historic win for GOP Rep. Mayra Flores (R-TX) and now an impressive slate of Latina candidates on the Republican ticket.

Interestingly, it also produced within just days of each other scathing criticism from both CNN and the New York Times of Flores and the Latina congressional hopefuls. CNN labeled them as not the “real deal” and the Times warned of the “rise of the far-right Latina.”

Attacks from Democrats and their liberal media partners only confirm what is obvious. Leftists are petrified of seeing groups they count on making mature and rational decisions at the ballot box, as opposed to blindly following their falsehoods and demagoguery.