GOP Lawmakers Press Credit Card Companies To Walk Back New Categorization Of Gun Sales

Earlier this month, Visa, American Express, and Mastercard announced their decision to restructure the categorization of gun purchases. Going forward, a new processing code will be put into effect so gun sales are uniquely categorized, rather than just being listed as sporting goods.

This decision from the top credit card companies comes after much lobbying and activism from the gun control movement. Democrats in power argued that credit card companies had a responsibility to do their part and lower the likelihood of mass shootings.

Republicans have been clear that credit cards flagging gun purchases in this manner creates a national registry of firearms owners. It also opens the door to gun ownership being stigmatized.

Now, multiple GOP senators are calling for these credit card companies to walk back their decision.

A Clear Message From Senate Republicans
12 Senate Republicans have written a letter to the CEOs of Visa, American Express, and Mastercard. In this letter, the lawmakers note these companies have agreed to “backdoor gun control” against law-abiding Americans.

Furthermore, GOP senators raised issues about the nature of code that will be used to flag gun purchases. This code will pinpoint the merchant, not the specific item that someone buys from a merchant.

Therefore, this new move by credit card companies could lead to more expensive gun-related charges being flagged as “suspicious” under false pretenses.

Republicans also warned that as the gun control lobby rejoices over the new categorization of gun sales, they’ll eventually be calling for credit card companies to reject gun sales altogether.

Later, GOP lawmakers informed the CEOs of Visa, American Express, and Mastercard that they’re intentionally involving themselves in a partisan, political debate when they don’t have to.

At the end of their letter, the 12 Republican senators warned if these credit card companies don’t walk back their decision to recategorize gun purchases, congressional action will follow.

Many More Questions
Americans nationwide have been wondering why credit card companies chose to involve themselves in this gun debate when it wasn’t necessary. Like many other large businesses, Visa, American Express, and Mastercard have customers across the political spectrum.

Now, in light of this new turn of events, some people are questioning if a quid-pro-quo or other incentives led credit card companies to go down this path.