GOP Rep. Mace Throws Republicans Under Bus Over Abortion

Friendly fire targeted Republicans Sunday afternoon as Rep. Nancy Mace (R-SC) brandished her RINO credentials on “Fox News Sunday.” She incredibly said that her own party is going to extremes to protect unborn children.

Mace explained, “Even though I’m pro-life, I represent a pro-choice district, and I saw the tide change after Roe was overturned.” She said her constituency transformed from “mildly pro-choice” to predominantly pro-choice after the landmark Supreme Court decision.

She went further, saying that the GOP is slipping for being “too pro-life.”

Mace touted her pro-life credentials but said that “some of these groups have gotten so over-the-top and extreme, we need to find a middle ground on this issue.”

She added that in some areas, such as protecting the life of the mother, positions are such that independent voters “cannot support us.” Mace described the positions of the middle or independent voters as being irreconcilable with the Republican platform.

Mace noted that 14 South Carolina counties do not have an OBGYN doctor. She asked if abortion is banned, “what are we doing to make sure women have access to birth control?” She challenged Republicans on adoption services and the foster care system.

She further asserted that the nation slid to the left after Roe was overturned. Mace said there were seats in the midterms that the GOP should have won but did not, and she blamed it on the party’s staunch pro-life stance.

In other words, the party has gone too far in its defense of the unborn.

Instead of banning abortion, the representative suggested there are several positions the party may take to protect life and not drive off independent and left-of-center voters.

One of her propositions was improving women’s access to birth control. However, she said that Republican politicians are afraid of their base — “but that’s not where the base is.”

Mace told the Sunday audience that her GOP colleagues will call her privately. However, she claimed they get silent when she asks what specific legislation or press conference they will support her in.

She further went after her colleagues over gun control, saying that it’s a problem area for Republicans. “And we’ve not learned anything from the midterms if we’re gonna sit on our hands silently not offering any type of solution.”