GOP Representative McClintock Calling For Audit Before More Aid Is Sent To Ukraine

Representative Tom McClintock (R-CA) sat down on Fox Business Network’s “Kennedy” on Tuesday. He said he could not continue support for Ukraine until the European Union matches the U.S. aid already provided. McClintock and other Republicans are calling for a complete audit of American money sent and assurances that the country has had an honest relationship with the Future’s Exchange (FTX).

The proposed audit should also cover the millions of dollars paid to the Biden family by Ukraine over the last several years. Representatives and Senators are teetering on suspicion that the money received by the Biden family has influenced foreign policies in the U.S. McClintock stated that he supported the initial assistance to Ukraine based on the confidence they could either defeat Russia or at least inflict enough damage that dictators would lose their ability to attack neighbors impulsively.

Now that the U.S. has put its faith in a failing Ukraine, the country should be a European security issue. From the American Taxpayers, over $54 billion of assistance has gone to Ukraine through October 3, but the European Union has only sent $16 billion. This seems wrong, considering the threat to Ukraine is closer to the EU doorstep than the U.S.

According to McClintock, the EU needs to match the financial effort the U.S. has put in. But there also needs to be a full audit of where American taxpayer money has gone. The audit will ensure that Ukraine is honest about its relationship with the FTX.

The Hunter Biden scandal has also raised questions about how the Biden family’s relationship with Ukraine influences foreign policy. Hunter Biden has been allegedly involved in influencer peddling, which provides monetary gain for spilling confidential U.S. information internationally. This is currently being investigated, but in light of the issue, the American people need a boost of confidence that the Biden family’s relationship with Ukraine over the years hasn’t influenced foreign policies. McClintock ended the interview with, “I, for one, would not vote for another dime until [all] conditions are met.”