GOP Will Host A ‘Let’s Go Brandon’ Event In This Epic Location

“Let’s Go Brandon” isn’t only a remarkable statement, but its use in specific locations is a vital aspect of the messaging.

The phrase began as a chant “F*** Joe Biden” that was misinterpreted as “Let’s Go Brandon” at a NASCAR Race and grew in sports stadiums. The importance is that since sports games were the most significant events shut down during the Covid-19 pandemic, as they open back up, the message can be well received that the public doesn’t accept shutdowns and Covid-19 policies as a whole. Sports games also get a lot of news coverage, especially ESPN, and reach a large audience.

GOP members have made the phrase “Let’s Go Brandon” a part of their resistance to authoritarian leaders, especially President Joe Biden.” It seems to be working out well, as the top-charting songs are filled with variations like the Indy 100 reports on October 29th, 2021. Loza Alexander was the first to create the music.

The rainy event was attended by around 150 people and highlighted the recently elected Vermont GOP Chair Paul Dame who put on the event. The irony of the location won’t be forgotten.

The chant will stop anytime soon and is gaining even more steam as Biden performs worse every day.

At the rally, Dame said, “What happened today was exactly what I had planned from the beginning. We want to take the irritation people have and pish it into a positive direction, and I think we did that.”

Biden said “Negros” on stage just last week. If a Republican had uttered that word in any capacity, they would have been removed from office by the end of the day. Somehow it’s accepted by the Democrat president, who doesn’t seem to be able to cross any boundary that’s too far. It’s insulting to the American people. Biden didn’t have to use that word when he was telling the story. He could have easily said “African American” or “Black American.” He had choices, and he chose not to take them.