Gov. Hochul Blasted For Supporting Healthcare For Prostitutes

In a blatant insult to every New Yorker struggling to afford or survive without health insurance, Democratic Gov Kathy Hochul allotted $1 million for services for prostitutes.

The New York State Department of Health set aside the funds for a two-year period to provide healthcare for hookers. A pair of contractors are charged with giving primary treatments, behavioral and dental care to workers in the industry.

If that was not controversial enough, Hochul launched the program without approval from the New York legislature.

Critics, as could easily be predicted, are having a field day.

Staten Island Republican Assemblyman Sam Pirozzolo asked if recipients will receive a “prostitution card.” He further observed that this is likely the first step toward legalizing the world’s oldest profession.

State officials claimed that is not the case in a statement to the New York Post. The Department of Health (DOH) hailed the program as merely reflecting their commitment “to providing affirming, compassionate support and quality services to all residents without stigma and discrimination.

If that’s the case, will day laborers now receive free healthcare from the state?

The DOH added that workers in the prostitution industry “often experience discrimination, violence and threats to their emotional well-being.” The statement said that they are more prone to social diseases and “yet lack access to quality routine screening.”

Bill Donohue, president of the Catholic League for Religious and Civil Rights, slammed Hochul over her weakness on crime. Now, he declared, she wants taxpayers to foot the bill for “street prostitutes.”

Donohue added that the effect will be an even further degradation of the quality of life for New Yorkers.

He and many others cited the likely attraction for prostitutes to the area by the new policy. Along with them, of course, will be a deluge of deviants that follow that industry wherever it pops up.

Taxpayers are on the hook to provide $250,000 to a pair of contracted firms for two years to give the medical care. It is being dispersed through the state Health Department’s AIDS Institute.

The Hochul administration dug its heels in recently for another controversial two-year program. Democrats running New York are funding a pilot project for medical facilities to provide more staffing and treatment for “transitioning” transgender patients.