Governor Candidate Defends Biden In Race, Immediately Gets Hit With Karma In Polls

When will politicians realize that grouping themselves with President Joe Biden’s administration will give them more votes? Biden’s approval rating is plummeting, and theirs does too when they defend Biden’s ridiculous policies and mandates.

Terry McAuliffe, Virginia’s former governor, can’t seem to escape pushback from his comments on the debate stage. From discrepancies of qualified immunity for police officers to Covid-19 vaccine mandates to the big issue of Biden’s withdrawal from Afghanistan, McAuliffe can’t seem to find it in him to criticize Biden’s job as president. That could be McAuliffe’s downfall going into the gubernatorial election.

McAuliffe had no problem linking Republican candidate Glenn Youngkin to former President Donald Trump during the debates but failed to mention Biden. While McAuliffe said the entire $3.5 spending package was too high, he said the $1 trillion infrastructure package needs to be passed.

He is taking the Joe Manchin (D-WV) route and condemning the high $3.5 trillion price tag because he knows that Manchin is getting praised by the Republican party. In all reality, McAuliffe would pass whatever Democrats put in front of him.

In a recent poll, McAuliffe was only a few points ahead of Youngkin before the previous debate. He dares to say, “It’s time to ban the sale of assault weapons, close loopholes, and treat gun violence as a public health epidemic,” after Virginians protested gun control measures with an open carry demonstration that drew tens of thousands to Virginia.

Gun control laws in Virginia are wildly unpopular with Republicans, and McAuliffe’s disastrous attempts to dismantle Youngkin aren’t going to favor him. Everyone needs to remember that Biden won Virginia by around 10 points, so this gubernatorial election might give a preview of what the 2022 mid-term election margins will look like.

Youngkin is at a vital spot because he’s taking strong positions, and he has Biden to compare McAuliffe to. In all reality, with Biden being the bumbling president that he is, Youngkin’s poll numbers should be higher, but it’s been shown previously that many polls favor Democrats. Remember that Trump’s poll numbers showed him losing by a large margin in 2016, and the results weren’t even close to accurate.