Greg Gutfeld Says ‘Three Words’ That Perfectly Describe Biden’s Presidency

Greg Gutfeld of Fox News says that the United States is having a leadership problem. President Joe Biden hasn’t stepped up to lead the country even before he took office. Biden constantly blames everyone else for his problems and fails to take responsibility for a single thing that’s gone wrong.

He said, “The White House is coming to Halloween as the headless horseman because the administration has no head. There’s no leadership.”

If there were leadership, then there would be accountability, and accountability is lost. Leadership takes strong decision-making that comes from solid individuals who aren’t afraid to make a decision. Currently, everyone is afraid to decide because nobody wants to take responsibility if it is illegal or unconstitutional. Biden may not have a long political career in his future, but most others around him do.

Gutfeld continued, “There’s no face of the administration. It’s not Jen Psaki. It’s a decapitated vessel on a tricycle, which is what we have right now, and there are no ideas and only spending because there’s no head.”

Americans would know who to get upset at if there were one, but they don’t have anyone to point their finger at. Biden takes turns to be the good guy and the bad guy. One second, he’ll be talking about the good that he’s done, then the next he’ll be begging Americans to comply, then the next he’ll blame everything on the group of people he doesn’t like. It’s a game, and we’re all playing. We may not want to, but we don’t have a choice.

Gutfeld also noted, “Where are the emergency orders, to free up money for truck driver schools, to temporarily lift bans on freelance trucking or suspend regulations?”

It does seem odd that Biden isn’t jumping at the chance to sign executive orders to make things happen. The lack of urgency in the crisis is astounding. Biden seems to only care about situations where he can directly control citizens with mandates and massive spending. He wants to make sure that Americans comply before he fixes anything or makes things better.

The supply chain isn’t going to be fixed unless there’s leadership on all levels. There needs to be a “restructuring of management.”

“Talking like a 10-year-old trying to explain to his parents a dream that he had” isn’t working. Something has to change, and it needs to happen quickly. The Covid-19 vaccine mandates aren’t making anything better. When you force Americans to inject something into their bodies that they don’t want and fire them for it, you will not get the results you desired initially. Biden’s “Build Back Better” plan is turning into a nightmare as the United States sinks further into inflation and tension than it ever has.