Gun Owners In South Carolina Celebrate With This New Law

The second amendment wasn’t written for hunters or firearms enthusiasts. It was written to provide all Americans security and safety from a tyrannical government. The second amendment doesn’t mention anything about how you can carry a firearm because it was standard when it was written to carry weapons everywhere you went. In modern times, it’s become taboo and perceived to be for criminal intent.

South Carolina joined the race for second amendment freedom with their new “Open Carry with Training Act,” H. 2094. The bill allows firearm owners to carry a pistol or revolver while in public with training and a certificate of training.

It may seem reasonable, but South Carolina just caught up with their northern neighbor, but worse. North Carolina is an open-carry state without restriction. No training or certificate of carrying is required to open carry in public in North Carolina. The only time you need documentation is while concealing a weapon in public.

While the laws are a significant step, having fewer limits on open carrying a firearm would have been nice to see. South Carolinians will still have to pass a background check, be 21 or older, and pass the training before carrying the firearm.

A large number of states and federal courts have been a pro-second amendment. A federal appeals court in Richmond, Virginia, recently ruled that restricting 18-20 years old’s from purchasing pistols is an infringement on their second amendment rights. A California federal judge ruled that banning AR-15 sales in California is unconstitutional and said the AR-15 was like the “Swiss Army Knife” of guns.

A second amendment win is still a win for the constitution. Some states have restricted firearm use, and others have given more freedom. America is slowly turning back into the country we once knew.