Handicapped Parking Blocked By White House ‘Royal’ — ‘Grab The Privilege And Ride It Home, Cowboy!’

Fox News host Harris Faulkner called out Second Gentleman Douglas Emhoff, Vice President Kamala Harris’ husband, in response to a report that his motorcade had blocked access to handicapped parking spaces.

Speaking with her co-hosts on Fox News’ midday panel show, “Outnumbered,” Faulkner argued that the situation was proof that “liberal privilege” was real — and that it definitely extended to Harris’ husband.

“It looks like you can add the vice president’s husband to the liberal privilege list,” Fox News co-host Emily Compagno said while introducing the video clip. “New video showing his motorcade hogging several handicap parking spots while he leisurely shopped at Whole Foods in Brentwood, California. When the second gentleman left the supermarket, he even stopped to say hello to his fans.”

In the video, Emhoff’s motorcade — which is made up of two black Chevy Suburbans — can be seen parked diagonally across the handicapped parking spaces located in front of the upscale supermarket Whole Foods in the Brentwood area of Los Angeles.

The motorcade wasn’t just stopped there for a moment, though. Rather, the vehicles were parked there, blocking access to those handicapped spots for approximately 20 minutes while Emhoff casually shopped and picked up his dry-cleaning.

The second gentleman was greeted by a fan when exiting the store, who asked him how he was doing, to which he responded that he was “doing good” as he returned to one of the vehicles and climbed in. At that point, the drivers in the motorcade briefly hit the lights and sirens prior to exiting the parking lot.

Meanwhile, Emhoff and his motorcade were clearly violating California’s vehicle code — which states that “it is unlawful for any person to park or leave standing any vehicle in a stall or space designated for disabled persons and disabled veterans … unless the vehicle displays either a special identification license plate … or a distinguishing placard.”

Faulkner was outraged over the blatant violation of the law, the fact that the vice president’s husband and his security detail obviously didn’t seem to care about blocking the parking spaces, and the obvious fact that they are going to get away with it.

“I think this is one of those just grab the privilege and ride it home, cowboy,” the Fox News host remarked. “Like, I just don’t think they think deep enough about something that his wife might have said earlier about, you know, giving an advantage to those who might need it at a time, that sort of thing.”

Faulkner went on to claim that she didn’t think Emhoff or his staffers had chosen to park in the handicapped spots with any malicious intent — but noted that they had likely failed to realize just how bad the optics might be.

“I really don’t think it was mean-spirited, but it is one other thing that’s politically dangerous. It’s oblivious,” she said.