Harris Staff Leaves As Her Approval Rating Sits Low

Suppose you’ve been paying attention to Vice President Kamala Harris’ White House staff. In that case, you may have realized that her staff is leaving just as fast as police are leaving their profession. Even Harris’ Press Secretary Symone Sanders is going. Maybe that will leave more room for Press Secretary Jen Psaki’s family to swoop in for the save.

In all seriousness, this is a major issue for President Joe Biden’s administration. Harris is already polling low, with her approval rating at 28%. Next is the possibility of a resignation or more troubles for the Biden administration. It happens when you put race and gender above qualifications and experience.

It likely comes down to perception and furthering their careers. If someone works for a company going under, they typically want to leave before it gets too bad and they’re associated with the downfall. It’s no different in politics. When numbers drop, there have to be switch-ups, either by force or willingly.

Psaki said, “Working in the first year of a White House is exciting and rewarding, but it’s also grueling and exhausting.”

Yeah, it certainly is. Sometimes it’s better than others, depending on the president at the time. Biden’s administration has been through a lot this year, and it’s not all because of the COVID-19 pandemic or inflation. They’ve done many things by choice, such as the COVID-19 vaccine mandate and the southern border crisis and starting the process of ending the oil industry as we know it.

The prior administration has had their departures, even former Vice President Mike Pence’s staff, but Harris’ staff have been leaving and being replaced since the beginning.

The staffers are jumping ship. If Harris’ statement about loving Sanders is correct, she didn’t want her to leave.

Psaki said, “So, I would leave it to them and the vice president’s team to make any additional announcements.”

So there’s more?

Psaki ended by saying, “And again, as I noted earlier, it’s also an opportunity to bring in new faces and perspectives, which is, overall, a very positive thing.”

If it were an optimistic administration and Harris had an approval rating higher than 28%, that may be believable, but it’s not.