Harvard Cancels Feminist Speaker For Her Defense of Women’s Sports

Feminist and philosopher Dr. Devin Jane Buckley ran afoul of a Harvard staffer and was disinvited to speak at the university over her opposition to biological males competing in women’s sports.

Some feminists apparently are not feminist enough to suit the superwoke Ivy Leaguers at Harvard.

Buckley is a member of the Women’s Liberation Front (WoLF), which as is easily guessed is a feminist activist group. She was to address a university gathering on a topic that had nothing to do with transgender issues, but rather was on British romanticism. Nothing is out of bounds for the cancel crowd, even when it’s someone who’s otherwise on their side.

Harvard English department coordinator Erin Saladin, while preparing to host the philosopher, discovered that Buckley is on the board of WoLF. Springing into action, Saladin then found an old piece of scholarship in which the scheduled speaker “explicitly denies the possibility of trans identity.”

At that point the coordinator decided her participation would transform their colloquium on British romanticism and philosophy into “a hostile place” and would be a bad look for the department.

Buckley had worked for several months with a graduate student who was coordinating the event before her prior transgressions were discovered. She responded with a letter posted on the WoLF website announcing that Harvard says she cannot be a British Romanticism expert because she does not believe “there are male women.”

The philosopher notes that Harvard’s actions are not a refusal of platforming an idea it dislikes, as her participation had nothing to do with women’s rights advocacy. Rather, the university “de-platformed me for political reasons.”

Among other positions that are logical and based on common sense, WoLF opposes California Senate Bill 132, which allows men who “self-identify” as women to be incarcerated in women’s prisons. It also opposes biological males competing in women’s sports.

It is not permissible to have an opposing viewpoint when it comes to men pretending to be women. Instead, at least in woke America, everyone else has to play along with the make-believe and role playing. And woke America is even demanding it of their own colleagues who do not bend the knee far enough.