Here’s How Well ‘Defund The Police’ Worked For Democrats

Crime will find you at some point in your life, and if you expect help from the Police, stop voting Democrat. That’s as simple as I can put it. Defunding the Police has had a lasting effect on communities across the country, and Democrat leadership is still funding criminals while demonizing Police. San Francisco Mayor London Breed has started a pilot program that will give violent criminals $300 a month not to get involved in shootings. How will that be proven? I guess a full-body exam for recent bullet holes? Who knows.

Police are necessary for a free world to exist, and accountability has to be high, but what we’ve seen is a slam on the Police for no reason. Police officers are having charges dropped at astonishing rates. Why? Because they never did anything wrong.

Derek Chauvin will probably have his guilty verdict overturned if he can prove that he didn’t get a fair trial, and you can thank Maxine Waters for that. At an event near the Chauvin trial, she told protesters to stay in the streets and riot if justice wasn’t served. What a stand-up citizen. She should be fired.

After city councils around the country defunded their Police, they immediately threw more money at police programs when crime went up, and the citizens weren’t happy. And why would the citizens be happy? Nobody wants to be robbed, and if you do, you’re an idiot.

Cities burned, and people lost their lives. Democrat politicians encouraged violence and chaos, all in the name of unity for the U.S. Their calls for action ended in looting, sexual assault, and violent assaults. Skateboards, rocks, bricks, and firearms were used to steal, burn, and harm while Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi kneeled wearing African garb and called George Floyd “George Kirby.” What is wrong with her? “Good morning, Sunday morning,” Pelosi said while a reporter asked her a question. It’s like her brain rebooted, and the reporter smirked because he was confused.

These are the people who are taking Police off the streets while paying more and more for security. They don’t care about you. Black American communities historically want the same or more police presence in their communities. Politician’s claims that having fewer amount of Police would stop discrimination or unjustified arrests and “harassment” are unsubstantiated when you ask people in the communities what they want. Politicians are lying, but what’s new?

Shootings, murders, and assaults skyrocket in small and large cities, and there is no word from Democrats to change their stance on defunding the Police. What they’re doing is blaming Covid-19 for the skyrocket in crime and disparaging joblessness. Then again, the Democrats need Covid-19 because, under normal circumstances, the Democrats wouldn’t get away with what they’re trying to push through right now.