Hillary Clinton Blasts ‘Crazy’ GOP Rhetoric Following Pelosi Attack

Two failed presidential bids and six years of relative obscurity is not enough to prevent former first lady Hillary Clinton from spewing vitriol directed at the GOP after an attack on the husband of House Speaker Nancy Pelosi (D-CA).

During an MSNBC interview on Tuesday, Clinton sought to hold Republicans accountable for the deranged actions of one man who allegedly bashed Paul Pelosi’s skull with a hammer last week.

Claiming that Republicans have “always” embraced “a streak of violence, of racism, misogyny,” she determined that such supposedly hate-filled language might have influenced Pelosi’s assailant.

Lamenting the “level of just plain crazy violent hate rhetoric coming out of Republicans,” Clinton urged voters “to stop and ask themselves, would we trust somebody who is stirring up these violent feelings, who is pointing fingers, scapegoating, making a joke about a violent attack on Paul Pelosi?”

While some on the right have questioned the narrative that has emerged since Pelosi’s attack, it was Clinton who seemed determined to use the incident for political gain by calling on voters to shun the GOP in next week’s midterms.

“Why would you entrust power to people who are either themselves unable to see how terrible it is that someone would be attacked in their home or don’t really care because they think it will somehow get them votes that will get them elected?” she asked. “This is a real threat to the heart of our democracy.”

Other high-profile leftists and mainstream media personalities have gone even further in declaring Republicans guilty of motivating Pelosi’s attacker.

CNN commentator David Axelrod, who was a top adviser in both the Clinton and Obama administrations, declared that the assault was more than “the act of a lone, unsettled man,” insisting that the attacker “was echoing far-right conspiracy theories, legitimated by cynical people for their own purposes.”

Like Hillary Clinton, he declined to mention any names but concluded: “There were many hands on that hammer.”

Far-left pundit Keith Olbermann described the “assassination attempt” as “an extension of Jan. 6, the full expression of the new mantra of a political party gone insane.”

He urged President Joe Biden to publicly declare that the act of “terrorism was inspired by [former President Donald] Trump.”