Hillary Clinton Compares US Healthcare To Sudan And Afghanistan

Pro-abortion Democrats have resorted to rampant use of hyperbole to make their case in the wake of a U.S. Supreme Court decision repealing federal abortion rights, but former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton went even further than most liberals in her latest remarks.

The failed 2016 Democratic presidential nominee appeared at a Women’s Voices Summit at the Clinton Presidential Center in Little Rock, Arkansas, last week, devoting much of her address to the supposedly “draconian” policies in place in the United States.

“Some of the most harsh, draconian measures against reproductive healthcare are in states that don’t provide healthcare to pregnant women,” she alleged.

Clinton appeared to be referring to the largely Republican-led states that have enacted new restrictions on abortion following the Supreme Court decision earlier this year. Her diatribe went on to compare such states to third-world nations.

“It’s so shocking to think that in any way we’re related to poor Afghanistan and Sudan,” she added. “But as an advanced economy as we allegedly are, on this measure, we unfortunately are rightly put with them.”

A number of conservative pundits, including radio host Mark Levin, pointed out the absurdity of her claim.

Going on to cite an alleged racial component in America’s healthcare system, she cited complications that tennis star Serena Williams experienced during the birth of her child.

“One of the stories ingrained in my mind is that often Black women, even women of education and affluence like Serena Williams, come close to dying when she gives birth because people are not paying attention to her,” Clinton alleged.

She also harped on some familiar topics, including the supposed threat that her political enemies pose to the nation’s democracy. The Republican Party’s underperformance in the recent midterms, she said, represented a “small step” toward preserving America’s system of government.

In a CNN interview shortly before last month’s elections, Clinton echoed concerns expressed by President Joe Biden. She asserted that Republicans “are going after democracy and even counting votes that they think will help them and not others that won’t,” claiming that “those are real threats, threats to individuals and our lives every day, and threats to our country.”