Hillary Clinton Looks Forward At Her Old Picture To Remind You That She’s Looking Ahead To 1999

When Hillary Clinton looks ahead at her political career, she should see a barren desert of nothing but empty promises and a lack of accomplishment. That is if we’re talking strictly about politics. Clinton would be very accomplished if murder were on the table for achievements and future endeavors. It’s still unknown how the Clinton’s pulled off the Jeffrey Epstein thing.

Hillary tends to use bizarre pictures of herself to delay the public release for years, like the FDA and the COVID-19 vaccines. In 2016, Hillary used her Twitter account to post a picture of herself as a little girl who said “Happy birthday to this future president,” which backfired deeply.

It’s creepy, and it isn’t stopping. Clearly, Hillary doesn’t understand real life and can only live in her previous years.

Hillary tweeted, “Looking ahead to 2022. Wishing you a happy, healthy, and fabulous New Year,” with another younger picture of herself. If history repeats itself, none of those tweets will come true, just like the previous ones.

The picture was from 1999 when Hillary helped pass the Foster Care Independence Act. Former President Donald Trump started a modeling agency and was later sued for underpaying the models. Is that a tip for the future? Hillary may be taking a jab at Trump because he’s possibly looking at civil penalties and possible fines.

Either way, it’s interesting that Hillary would pick that specific photo, and there doesn’t seem to be a real reason.

Hillary has had a rough time in her political career. Bill Clinton’s physical accusers have been the target of Hillary for a long time, and Trump even invited them to one of their debates. It was perfect timing and took Hillary back to a time when she was attacking people who were abused rather than her usual ridiculous tweet, “Every survivor of physical assault deserves to be heard, believed, and supported.”

I guess they can only be believed if they didn’t accuse her husband?