Hochul Overreacts Over The Omicron Variant After Deeming Herself Our Lord And Savior

It’s not a secret that New York Governor Kathy Hochul isn’t better than former Governor Andrew Cuomo. She probably isn’t going to have any physical assault allegations, we hope.

Not only is she crazy, but I say that with the best of intentions because of her comments to the Catholic church.“I require you to serve as my apostles. I was hoping you’d go out there and talk about it, saying we owe it to each other. Jesus taught us to love one another, and what better way to demonstrate that love than to care enough about each other to say, please get the vaccine because I love you, and I want you to live,” but she’s also an authoritarian leader.

Even the most devout in faith would agree that it’s creepy. Hochul isn’t a greater than thou spiritual being that was sent straight from the pearly gates to save us all by forcing everyone to get the Covid-19 vaccine. It’s proven that it has adverse effects for some people and the American Lung Association says, “Not everyone experiences side effects from the COVID-19 vaccine, but some common side effects include pain, swelling, and redness at the injection site.”

They also say serious side effects causing long-term health problems are implausible following any vaccination, including COVID-19 immunization. “So, you’re saying there’s a chance,” to quote Dumb and Dumber.

With that being said, Hochul is advocating for some people to be harmed in the long term. Not a great look. That does explain why she feels the way she does about abortion, though. How Catholic of her.

Hochul has now declared the State of Emergency because of the Omicron variant of Covid-19. Other than the fact that science doesn’t agree with that at all.

“We saw a lot of Delta patients during the third wave. And this is not consistent with the clinical picture. The majority of them see very mild symptoms, and none of them have admitted patients to surgeries so far. We were able to treat these patients at home in a conservative manner,” said Dr. Angelique Coetzee, a private practitioner and chair of the South African Medical Association. I’m at a loss for words at how far these politicians are willing to go to make sure they push the Covid-19 vaccine as hard as possible. I see lockdowns happening soon, and before Christmas wouldn’t be a surprise.

Hochul wants to delay elective surgeries because of all of the Omicron mess. It’s unprecedented, and if she hadn’t fired tens of thousands of healthcare workers, there wouldn’t be a fear that hospitals would be overrun. It’s the Democrat party at its finest. Buckle up. It may not be over yet.